What's the meaning of Pre-Login User in database server?


Hi Guys

I found ‘Pre-Login’ user is seen at the database server. Please see the attachment.

But I’m not sure the meaning of ‘Pre-Login’. It looks like it doesn’t mean specific user. It means the existed logged-in users? And I wonder what kinds of recommendation is helpful to customer about Pre-Login.

Thanks in advance


Hi Jaeseog!

It actually depends on the database system you are using. For example, for MSSQL, the initial connection starts off as “Unknown User”. Once we see a “Pre-Login” message in the protocol, we change the user to “Pre-Login”.

If we somehow miss the actual logon message in the protocol, then the user will stay “Pre-Login”.

It’s a tiny bit different for each DB type.


will this assumption works on any other protocol, let say Active Directory or CIFS?