Top Talkers Widget

Hi there,
I see the widgets under NetOps - Activity named Top Talkers and see that they are bound to Netflow related metrics as datasource. Is it possible to create top talkers insights from packet data rather than Netflow?

Thank you.

Yes, this is possible, but appears to be a little tricky. Navigate to Assets => Networks => Capture. From the Network Overview, click the drill down link for either Devices or Conversations depending on your preference. From the drill-down page, you can select Create Chart from the Page Actions menu at the top right. Changing the chart type to Bar Chart should be close to what you’re looking for. I hope this helps!

Thank you. That was helpful . Two additional questions I have if you do not mind. 1- Although I edited chart to show IP addresses as labels it is still showing hostnames. May it be a bug?
2- Is it possible to achieve same sort of top graphing by groups rather than individual hosts?

Thank you once again.

  1. There is a known issue where device group members are not treated as “IP address keys”. If you contact Support, they can add you to the list of customers requesting this handling be improved.
  2. You can add multiple groups to a single chart by clicking “Add Source” in the Metric Explorer while editing the chart definition. In the Bar Chart’s “Options” tab, you can then choose to sort by value and hide inactive groups, which will give you the desired outcome.