The REST API from other languages


We’d like to extract raw metrics from the ExtraHop device in languages other than Python - e.g. C and Erlang.

I’m happy to construct the HTTP requests myself and parse the replies. Is there any documentation on how the REST API is used directly?



Hey Andrew,

This is definitely something we’ve heard a lot of interest in. There isn’t any way to pull metrics using the REST API today, but something we are definitely investigating.

Regarding current documentation for the REST API, if you are on the latest build (4.1 HF4) you can use the API explorer at https://<extrahop_ip>/api/v1/explore/


Thanks Fox.


Hi, Andrew. While you won’t find metric queries in the API Explorer of any 4.1 firmware, you can expect them to make their debut reasonably soon. Stay tuned!


Thanks :smile:


The 5.0 release includes a new REST API which you can call from any language. You can go learn how to construct requests (including trying them out) by visiting /api/v1/explore on the appliance you plan to run your queries against.