System Hardware Dashboards


I would like to know, if it´s possible to create a dashboards with hardware metrics, like CPUs, RAM, SSD or HDD disk, etc of EDA Appliances, the idea is, generate a hardware report with this information.



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Hi, @rcastillo .

Are you looking for counters that can be used to assess appliance health? Or are you simply wanting to understand which CPUs and disks are included in your appliances and how much RAM your appliances have?

Hello @shaundavid,

Actually, the second one, the idea is included, maybe in a dashboard, info for example how much RAM is the EDA or ECA are consuming in a specific period of time and how much RAM is free, It´s the same process with CPUs and disk storage.

The idea is, generate a hardware report of the ExtraHop system with this information, I don´t know if this is possible to do?



Thanks, @rcastillo .

We don’t really optimize for showing that detail. Our ideal for you as a customer is that the appliance just works and you don’t have to be concerned about resource utilization. Whenever one of our systems starts behaving in a way where you feel like that kind of detail us helpful, that’s a time to open a case with ExtraHop Support.

What we do offer is a set of metrics on the system health dashboard (Dashboards > System Dashboards collection > System Health). They’re the metrics that ExtraHop Support uses to understand what’s going on if there’s a performance concern with an appliance. They’re not documented in detail, but if you did have a performance support issue, your engineer might be able to share a little wisdom on how they’re interpreting things.

Hope that helps.