SIP VOIP Call Dashboard



###Bundle details and download

This bundle provides insight into the state of SIP sessions by mapping all SIP requests to responses for a given SIP call dialog to track and correlate call setups with call teardowns and failures. You will need to assign the SIP-Sessions trigger to one of your SIP gateway servers. If you’d like visibility for multiple gateway servers in different networks we recommend that you duplicate the triggers, change the application name in them, and make a new dashboard for the additional VOIP network segment you’d like to monitor.

New Bundles for May 2016

Bundle has been updated to provide more details as to gateways responding with error codes. calls with low MOS scores, short calls(Calls less than 30 seconds), and status code errors by user-agent.


When I try to upload the bundle it says Unexpected data in bundle: WidgetStaticLine

I’m unable to upload your new dashboard


Are you running a version pre 5.2?
There were a few features introduced in 5.2 that this bundle that takes advantage of that are not available in pre 5.2 versions.
We updated the Requirement section to reflect this.


I updated to 5.3 and now when I try to add the config change I get an error message

Parse error on line 53;
‘sip’ : { 'idle_timeo
Expecting ‘STRING’, got ‘undefined’


Hello, does your running config entry look like the following?


Just a little suggestion, maybe we could suggest web-content team to change the highlighted setting text from single quote to double quote?
People tend to copy&paste and then they would find the syntax error which doesn’t provide much explanation.


The code sample was updated a few days back. Should be better for copy/paste-ness now!


I am getting “Line 417: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of null”
Any help?


I want to make sure I understand the directionality of DSCP tagging for DSCP - A and DSCP - B? Is A the caller and B the receiver? A = Handset B = SIP Gateway or?

I’m looking at data where I have some calls that show a mismatch in DSCP Tags, where DSCP - B is not EF, but DSCP is EF. What I really want is to hone in on where I need to investigate.