RX Drops in System Health

Hi All
Time by time i see increases in the count “RX Drops” in both the EDA and in ETA.
Anybody knows - What does this counter really mean ?
in the Documentaion i do not really find some details on this.

thx, ali

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Welcome to the forum! @jdepta, can you please help Alexander with this one?

We currently have a ticket open with support on this. It looks like the cause of this is a trigger called (Citrix: Middle Tier/App Services)

When I disabled this trigger, we did not have any drops… but then we lost visibility to Citrix traffic.

So pick the lesser of 2 evils (drops, or lack of traffic). We have upgraded to 7.8.1 and it is still happening. Awaiting a response from support.

@baldchicken @cuda67 A support case is the way to go with this. Just for a little context, the trigger engine is independent but tightly coupled with the capture process. Since triggers are basically custom code and can be written inefficiently and the resources required can fluctuate dramatically with the diversity of the wire data, triggers can impact the capture process and cause Rx drops. Hopefully, support can nail this down for you but it may just be an exercise in trigger code optimization.