Reseting DataStore without reseting bundles

hai all,

is there anyways to reset the datastore but not the bundles?

Hi there -

Unfortunately when you reset the datastore, all the device objects go away, and the bundles aren’t assigned to anything. I’m not aware of a way to automatically restore the assignments, because when the EH starts discovering data again, the devices will have new device IDs. You will have to reassign your bundles after a datastore reset.


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To be clear, though, bundles aren’t removed on a datastore reset. Only the assignments to devices are removed. Which isn’t a whole lot better, but at least saves you the step of uploading the bundles again. Hope that helps.

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Exactly right. The good news is that if the bundles are assigned to dynamic groups (i.e. device names, or activity types), then those can be re-applied quickly. When a dsreset happens, previously uploaded bundles are still available to apply, and the dynamic assignments are valid. Static assignments, I’m afraid, won’t be honored, since, as @dt1 mentioned, the object IDs will be different when discovered again.

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so i guess I have to backup the bundles, reapply them again after reseting the datastores (e.g. triggers and alerts)…

well thank for the enlightment… :smiley: