Remove devices from advanced analysis

The previous owner had the box checked to Automatically Fill -
Elevate devices from Standard Analysis to receive Advanced Analysis, by highest priority, until the capacity is full.

We reached the limit and lots are PCs. I don’t want them taking licenses and can’t find a clear way to remove devices from advanced analysis and couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

I’m not sure if I can force them to standard by adding their group to standard analysis but i did it anyway.

If there is a better way, please share.

Analysis priorities sorts active devices and then gives each device in turn the best available “seat.” To move seats away from PCs, prioritize a group above the PCs that you’d prefer to use licenses on instead.

The prioritization system updates the ordering every few minutes, so your change will kick in soon after you update the rules. On Reveal(x), you can also remove rules outright and let the system intelligently assign unused advanced analysis seats to the devices on the network that the system believes are most likely to interest analysts.

Thanks for the tip. Turns out lots of PCs were being classified as SSL servers and that’s where the bulk came from.

I changed SSL servers to not include PCs and it removed them.

Appreciate your input.