Information on malware - Hermetic Wipe?

Has anyone seen anything we’ve published or confirmed visibility/detection of the malware Hermetic Wiper? It’s not in our latest Threat Briefing that I can find, and appears to be gaining customer awareness as it’s reported to have been used in attacks against targets in Europe due to the conflict.

I’m mostly seeing public discussions about it on Endpoint Protection blogs, it is described as being similar to the WhisperGate malware Microsoft had detected earlier this year.

Thank you.

Hi Toma!

The Threat Research team has been working on research into HermeticWiper and related other malware families. Our current research would indicate that existing ML detectors cover what is in general feasible to detect with EH / Network-based detections. It was not included in the released Threat Briefing as it was focused on existing detection coverage due to the time sensitivity of the TB, and we had not finished the research on HermeticWiper.