I deleted a user account, and now the user's dashboards are gone. How do I get them back?



I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this but I wanted to share. I needed to delete a user profile, but I had no intention of losing access to the dashboards tied to the account.

Unfortunately I found out the hard way that once a user account is deleted from the ExtraHop system, any dashboards solely associated with the account, will no longer be accessible. I discovered that If you would like to continue to have access to dashboards associated with a particular account,and you plan on removing the account in question, first share the particular dashboard with one or more users. It is suggested that once the dashboard(s) is shared, that you should create a unique copy of the dashboard, for each user.

Furthermore, If you do happen to delete a user account, and you lose access to the accounts dashboards, you can restore access, by recreating the user account, and then restore a copy of the Customizations file, that had been saved prior to the account deletion.

Hope this helps anyone that finds themselves in the same bind !


That’s unfortunate. This is why we have a local account (think service account) which publishes all shared dashboards. Users can still create and share their own but if it is to be used by everyone then it needs to be shared by our service account. Internal policy.

This help us by limiting duplication of dashboards (confusion for some), limit exposure to limitations (like this) and ensure dashboard integrity.

All shared dashboards from the shared account have limited for who can modify to aide with that integrity.


Thanks for sharing. This is great advice !