How to change dashboard sharing via API

I’ve tried to change the sharing settings of several dashboards with the API Explorer.
First, I execute a “GET /dashboards/{id}/sharing” with a dashboard ID, where the sharing settings are correct. The result looks like the following:
“anyone”: null,
“users”: {},
“groups”: {
“local.AdminGroup”: “editor”

Now I want to update a dashboard with “PATCH /dashboards/{id}/sharing”.
If i copy/paste the code above, I get an error, that the group ID is not found.
“message”: “All updates were unsuccessful or invalid”,
“failures”: [
“action”: “permission_change”,
“id”: “local.AdminGroup”,
“reason”: “Invalid user or group”
“action”: “set group permissions”,
“id”: “all groups”,
“reason”: “‘local.AdminGroup’ is not a valid user or usergroup name”

The group ID is correct, as you can see it in the GET example above.
Any ideas on this one?

There’s a community-driven ExtraHop Chrome browser plugin that can help with that.

This is not an ExtraHop supported plugin, so use 'as-is '. But should be able to transfer dashboard ownership quickly. HTH

I am trying to do the exact same thing using Powershell programmatically for a script I am developing to make this a little more streamlined as we promote Dashboards up for full viewing. I am unfortunately running into the same problem even though the JSON format is correct. Is this a bug in the latest release?

I ran a quick test and see similar behavior. We’ll look into this further.

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Thanks, I look forward to hearing what you find out!