Firmware Upgrade


Hello Cool People,

So my limited exposure to extrahop brought me to this community. We have an extrahop thats on version, and we want to upgrade this to the latest stable firmware version available. It there a good documentation somewhere that I can refer to for the upgrade process? as well as the list of available firmware?



Hello Lorenze,

The instructions for a firmware update can be found at:

It is usually a pretty painless process, but it is always a good idea to make a backup of your customizations first and download the latest support pack from your Extrahop.

A quick email to support to let them know you’re planning an upgrade and a rough time frame may also be a good idea. If there are multiple parties managing the Extrahop platform in your space then there is the possibility of a special configuration you may not be aware of that may require special upgrade procedures.

With respect to finding the available firmware, they’re all available to download at:

You will need a login to download them. The latest 6.0 version is and there is also a 6.1 release available now as well.

I hope that answers your questions.


Thanks for the quick response @iodine, I’ll go through the documentation that you provided and will let you know if I have further questions. Will it be possible though to upgrade from our current version to version 6.1?



As long as you have a valid license I don’t believe there should be anything that prevents you from updating from your current version ( to the latest 6.1 release.

A qualifier I will throw in is that I just remembered being told there were some bugs in the release that could potentially make the upgrade require special attention. I may be wrong on it, but as I said in the previous post, an email to support to double check would probably be a good idea.