ExtraHop has a new Industry Certification

ExtraHop has a new Industry Certification.

This is a new “prove your worth” program that give the individual practitioner a way to demonstrate to the world their ExtraHop skill. The cool part is you don’t have to pay for the online training modules. Anyone who is a customer, prospective customer or partner has access.

Here’s a little test advice:

  • The test is not a walk in the park, but its not overly difficult either. If you have experience with ExtraHop already, you may not have to take all the modules listed above.

  • I recommend you use the listed modules in the study guide to fill in the gaps in your knowledge and then take the test.

  • The test is active for 4 hours but it does not take that long and if you get a tough question, you can always reference the modules you skipped. It’s essentially open book.

  • The test uses the ExtraHop Online Demo for test questions. Familiarizing yourself with that data in advance also helps.

Good Luck! Hope to see you in the ranks of the Certified ExtraHop Analysts soon!


Hi ,

Example questions and answers given are not matching with my demo environment. will it create problem in actual test?


The data in the public online demo may be currently out-of-sync with the example questions and answers. However, when you take the certification test, you will be provided a link to a custom demo environment that will correctly correspond to the certification test questions.

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