ExtraHop Citrix Web Interface Bundle (Users & Applications)



###Bundle details and download

The ExtraHop system already performs great out-of-the box real-time analysis of the ICA protocol. However, XenApp and XenDesktop solutions from Citrix rely not only on ICA, but on a variety of other protocols, like HTTP, DNS, LDAP, CIFS, etc… to deliver the infrastructure to the user.

The following bundle analyzes the HTTP traffic of the Citrix web front end servers to accomplish the following:

  1. Automatically detects XenDesktop vs XenApp traffic and creates of separate ICA Application for each
  2. Extracts Citrix username and application at the Citrix web front end (note: Citrix web front end username is different from ICA username, which is often simply the name of the workstation accessing the Citrix server)