Export to CSV from Records showing Device IDs

Looks like at some point after 7.2.4 when you Export to CSV within Records the client and server columns are populated with Device IDs instead of the Name. In 7.2.4 it populates with names, however with 7.3.2 and later I’m seeing Device IDs. I’m wondering if there is a setting somewhere that I can change to get the previous behavior back? Thanks.

Good question - right now I don’t think so but will investigate a bit more. Is a customer asking for this behavior?

Yes, I am working with a customer who would much prefer to see the Device Name as opposed to the Device ID in those columns. Thanks

Did this ever get ‘fixed’ so that we have the device name instead of a general number?

I have this problem as well but I’ve been using the IP address which is proper at least. But having the device name would be better.

This was fixed earlier this month but for version 7.5 and beyond.