ELK ODS over HTTP(S) Instruction

Hi all,

I need help to set up ELK ODS over HTTP(S) instructions.
Now, I have done to set up ELK ODS.

Name : Elasticsearch
Port: 9200
Type: HTTP
Pipelining: Enable
Connection Status : OK

The Trigger has set up and assigned to devices too.
This is the used trigger:

var date = new Date();
var payload = {
‘ts’ : date.toISOString(),
‘eh_event’ : ‘http’,
‘my_path’ : HTTP.path };

var obj = {
‘path’ : ‘/extrahop/http’,
‘headers’ : {},
‘payload’ : JSON.stringify(payload)};

Remote.HTTP(‘Elasticsearch’).request(‘POST’, obj);

It is running well without error.
But the issue is the index didn’t create on elastic.

Anyone can help me?

Thank you