Dashboard, How to limit data


I am creating a dashboards to show DNS errors and DNS timeouts.

The dashboards are looking good. I would like to exclude data that starts with “_kerberos”. In the dashboard edit, I can have it show data that is an approximate match or exact match. But there is no does not match.

I need to see the kerberos errors for other reports, do I simply need to create another trigger that does not show that entry? Or is there another way?

If I re-write it, it would potentially put four triggers against one device. Is there a “Don’t go above” number of triggers per device or is it “Push it till it screams”?
Thank you for your feedback.


You can do regex to exclude data. Would look something like this: ^((?_kerberos).)*$ Use the approximate match. Check this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/406230/regular-expression-to-match-line-that-doesnt-contain-a-word


I used ^((?!_kerberos).)*$ and it worked. Thank you so much!