Dashboard based on Geo Location

I am thinking of building a dashboard based on Geo location is that possible ? what I am looking for e.g src address /src country is = Russia. All activites related to this Geo location andy alert/detections can be seen in once dashboard.

is this possible ? any bundle you can suggest ?

I’ll let others chime in if they know of a bundle that does this, but in terms of what’s baked into the product already, you can go to Overview → Perimeter → Countries and then click on View More Countries at the bottom of the page. From there, you can apply a filter to the table for Country = Russia to see the Outbound or Inbound Bytes (out vs in is toggled on the Perimeter/Countries chart) with your network hosts by conversation. Then you can go to the top right of the screen and click page actions (the stoplight/kebab icon) to create a chart from this which you can add to a dashboard.

Hello @zackg ,

I was trying to create a dashboard with this process, but I guess that only works for one chart, if we create other chart in the same dashboard and we change the country, for example with another country like “China”, the information stops appearing in the last chart created, do you know why this is happening, or, It´s only allowed for one country?



I am not sure why that’s happening - you may want to file a ticket with Support. In the meantime I’d recommend creating separate dashboards for each if that’s working ok.