Citrix - TCP or UDP - - Citrix introduced EDT Protocol

Has anyone else noticed that their Citrix Traffic has changed from using TCP to using UDP:2598 - that Citrix has developed a new Protocol they call EDT - Enlightend Data Transport.

They (Citrix) claim they have improved this beyond the normal UDP protocol so that discards do not hurt them as much as one would expect.

This has busted our ICA Bundle. I am hearing that Citrix is not giving ExtraHop the details on the EDT internal processing / contents and thus we are blind on all the good information that the ICA Bundle provides.

Has anyone else noticed this?

What are you doing to fill in the gap?

Yes they have. And many application use UDP. the put the recovery intelligence inside the app. Which can be good and bad. You are much more dependent on CPU and memory resources functioning correctly when they do this.
However it can be faster. Real time voice uses UDP and has proven to work really well in recovery modes.
AS far as filling in for it yet we have not. We are just getting ready to upgrade and will probably have to work on a custom trigger to pick up what little i can. I will ask the slack WhyWireData group to see if they have any info there as well