Change Default Time Interval

I recently updated to the latest version of ExtraHop and noticed the default Time Interval changed from 30 minutes to 6 hours. The previous default worked well for my use cases of ExtraHop. Is there a way of changing what the default Time Interval is for users? I’ve also noticed I get logged out much quicker than before, so the time change is more noticeable as I have to switch back to 30 minutes every time I log.

Thanks for this feedback! There is no way of changing the default today though we do have ideas for improving this in the future. If the time interval defaulted to your last selection (this would be for each user), would that effectively solve the problem? If so, could you share your organization’s name for prioritization purposes for our internal ticketing?

Yes, in my case leaving it set to whatever it was previously set to would work out just fine. I also sent you the name of my organization through a message.


I have the same concern tim-smith has. The 6 hour default works well with dashboards and groups with less devices. However, many mid-size to larger groups it takes too long to render the dashboard. I have gotten several questions as to the health of the system from users after the latest upgrade.