Best practices for forwarding data for same device for 2 EDA to ServiceNow

Hello, the customer is asking for recommendations on sending data from 2 EDAs for the same device to ServiceNow via ServiceNow integration.
What is the best way to address possible duplication of devices in ServiceNow if the device is seen on multiple EDAs and then being send to ServiceNow CMDB?
Thank you

The discovery_id field should be the same for the two devices, which should facilitate deduplication.

@dan might have some other tips/ideas.

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Yes, as Ted mentioned, the discovery_id should be the same for the two devices, and this field is what is used for device identification and reconciliation. A caveat to look out for is the discovery_id's will be different if the EDAs are using different discovery modes, L2 vs L3.

Thank you Dan and Ted, I am sharing this information with the customer and invited them to comment or ask further questions.

Ted & Dan,
Thanks for the replies. We are using L2 discovery for both EDA’s, so they should have the same discovery_id. ExtraHop will not allow the same device name even if they are on separate EDAs. ServiceNow will be seeing the same discovery_id with different names from two separate EDAS. How will it know which name to use? The first one received? This seems like we are sending two records to a device that is expecting one.