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A few months ago we put out a call to all ExtraHop enthusiasts: apply to be among the first class of ExtraHop ambassadors.

Who is ExtraHop's first mystery ambassador?
Some of the submissions were pretty impressive! We're going to give each ambassador a proper introduction over the next few weeks so you can get to know them individually.

Instead of diving into a bio for our first ambassador, we'd like to see if you can figure it out on your own.

Who is this mystery ambassador?

Ambassador number oneā€¦

  • Hails from the "Volunteer State"
  • Is a DevOps engineer
  • Geeks out over network analytics
  • Acts as a source on networking-related questions for TechTarget
  • Wore a lot of orange during his late teens & early 20's

If you think you might know who this is, click below to tweet us your guess.

I think the mystery ambassador is..."

We'll reveal the answer next week.

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