Which version of Explore Appliance

Is there a way from the Admin section of the Explore Appliance to see which configuration that particular appliance is (EXA-XS, EXA-S, EXA-M, EXA-L)? We currently have three Explore devices in our environment and I would like to increase the amount of records we are able to store. I’m not sure if I can simply add additional space or if I need to replace the nodes with a larger configuration (or just add another node to the cluster).

Hi @tim-smith,

You should be able to determine the size of your EXA nodes based on the resources provisioned to the node. This link provides a resource requirements table that should help identify your node sizes:

Hi Tim,

for EXA-XS and so on, you can see the size of the second disk, it will help you determine what size of vEXA deployed. 2nd HDD for XS = 250GB, S = 500GB, M =1TB, and L =2TB

you could add more vEXA to its cluster using the same type to add more data retention but it will depend on how many records rate per second, what replication type you are using, & average record size. So to increase the amount of records, i think its best you contact EH support.