Using API to create new HTTP ODS target - How to send the HTTP "Test Configuration"?


I’m working on scripting ODS targets via the API. I’m able to GET configured HTTP targets, but the returned result look like:

[{"host": "<server_name>, "port": <port>, "pipeline": false, "target_type": "http", "name": "<my_ods>", "protocol": "https", "skip_cert_verification": false, "authentication": {"auth_type": "basic", "username": "<username>"}}]

The response does not include the ODS HTTP Target “Test Configuration” which includes an HTTP method and Options: (Path, Headers, and payload) that allows the EDA to provide a connection status by testing the configuration (You can see the Test Configuration in the ODS HTTP Target config in the Admin UI).

I’d like to avoid having to configure the test configuration manually, so can it be supplied in a POST when creating the HTTP target? Do you have an example on how the POST payload is formatted?

Is this supported?