User Permissions - APIs Access

Good Afternoon,

I´m looking if I can create a user that only has permissions that API Access section in Admin Page, Is it that possible to do?

Thanks for your help.


Hi, @rcastillo!

Just to clarify, even users who have less than setup level privileges are able to browse to the API page in the Admin UI. There they can see and manage the subset of keys they’ve created. They can get to that page by either browsing directly to /admin/api or they can click like this in the main UI:

Is the flow above what you are looking for? Or are you looking to create a user whose only access is that API Key administration page in the Admin UI?

If it’s the second option, could you describe the larger workflow that you’re trying to accomplish?

Hello @shaundavid ,

Thanks for sharing me all the information, but It´s the second option, the idea is to create a user that only have access to the API Access Section in the Admin UI, either to generate API keys, and especially to access to “Open ExtraHop API Explorer” Section to create their APIs.

Is it that possible to do?

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for that clarification, @rcastillo .

It sounds like you’d like grant a user access to API endpoints, but prevent them from using the main graphical UI. We don’t have that model. The REST API provides access to the same raw data that the graphical UI presents. So even if a user were prevented from logging in to see the ExtraHop-curated charts and tables, they could use their API access to generate the same views from the raw data.

Does that address your question? If there’s a part of your use case that I’m not understanding, let me know.