Useing the Session Key forwarder to get Database names and Users from TDS stream



So our SQL team is pretty advanced and we use some state of the art monitoring pretty much best in class for SQL. However there were always a few area’s it was hard to get information about. So I was always looking for better ways to do this. Specifically around User logon, and specific database metrics.
And because we use SQL the authentication is always encrypted. So after some thought. I wanted to see if the sessionkeyforwarder (also know as the pfs agent to some, or secret agent to others) would help me with this.
So we installed it on some of our productions systems and some dev systems and Yes it works. and works very well. we have had it running for last 24 hours and it is already giving us great information.
And yes our SQL team does like what it see’s so Pretty happy I was able to provide them with some needed visibility.


Great to hear. Thanks for sharing!