Use Saved Record Query on Dashboard?

I’m creating my first dashboard for SQL Server Monitoring and adding an “Errors” section. Is there a way of doing this, but with a couple of clients filtered out? We have some third party tools that are producing errors we can do little about and would like to eliminate those.

Is there a way to use a saved record query as the source for the dashboard element?

Welcome to the forum, Tim!

We currently do not have the ability to show the results of a Record Query in a widget on a dashboard. However, I think we can get you what you want.

Start by creating a new Device Group that contains all of your Database Clients, but excludes the ones you are not worried about.

Then, create a Dashboard as usual, charting Database Client - Errors, but use this new Device Group as the source.


This should show you all DB errors across clients, except the ones that you have exclude.

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