Turn 'File Not Found' into 'Fix This' - Finding and Fixing 404s

###Bundle details and download

Many times a web page tells a client browser to fetch something that doesn’t exist.
That results in an HTTP status code of 404, more commonly known as File Not Found.
Finding the 404 errors in ExtraHop is easy. The number of 404s and what URIs are not being found is intelligence. But, what we want is actionable intelligence. Or, a way to say “hey devs, go fix this”. Triggers to the rescue.

This is a great idea for a bundle, but I’m having troubles implementing it. The bundle doesn’t come w/ a dashboard, so I’m trying to put one together, and in doing so, am finding problems w/ the data.
“a list of the top 10 URIs that are causing File Not Found errors. These are the pages telling the client browser to fetch something that does not exist.” - All of the results in this list result in “no_referer”. Is this by design, or should this be showing the page that sent the user to the 404?

Hi. Any news on the Dashboard for File not Found

Hello - I added a dashboard to the bundle and had a fresh copy of it uploaded. You’ll need to download it again, load it up onto your appliance, and then “apply” it again, but you’ll have a dashboard then.


Thank you, @blood!

Follow this link to download the latest bundle: https://www.extrahop.com/community/bundles/gumby/turn-file-not-found-into-fix-this/.