Tunning Your network for better through put

So been on a long endevour to fix my exchange environment. The occasional complaint of my outlook locking up or hangs from outlook. So dug in a lot and found some interesting stuff, TCP windows Zero, As well as TCP time stamps and how to tune buffers. Finally getting my exchange environment to the point it can actually handle the 10Gb E, but had to tune the load balancers and Exchange OS system to actually deal with that type of volume by default it does not Sad we do not start out high speed.
Read up on windows zero
Recieve side scaling
TCP time stamp
and more.


Also started digging into this more for my netscaler Gateway. was noticing alot of TCP window zero. Between it and the VDI’s in our environment. I was able to totally eliminate Windows Zero for the most part. Now when I see TCP windows Zero I can often correlate it to CPU Utilization challenges.

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So as I keep working on this small things do make a difference. understanding the benefits of SACK, Tcp Time stamps, FACK, And even Early start help. This picture is a comparison of a month previous when I started tuning to try to remove TCP Windows Zero or at least decrease it. As you can see we have it way down. The little blips that are now seen are related to cpu issues for this box. I will shows some more tuning pictures shortl

Again a great example of decreasing RTO’s, Tuning network stack can make all the difference. Defaults are NOT MEANT for high speed networks of today


Here is more on dropped segments and the improvement that can be made.
dropped segments

Through all that tunning you start to see improvements in latency as well.