Trend Alerts



Hello EH community! I’m trying to do something with alerts that is probably fairly simply, but I can’t seem to grasp all of the various methods of alerts that EH offers…despite reading quite a but on the topic. I’m definitely not a statistician.

I’d just like to configure a basic alert for a few L4 metrics to watch a server and when the server spikes for, example RTOs IN, 50% above where’s its been running. Not a gradual, but a quick spike, say in like 30 seconds?

Me and the other guys have tried various options and aren’t getting the results we think we should.


Any specific configs that aren’t getting you expected results that you’d like to share? One tricky thing is that when configuring the trend, if you want to fire when it’s 50% more than ‘normal’ or trend, you would need to configure like this:

mean over 30 seconds > 150% of trend

100% of trend really just means, on trend. So 150% really means 50% more than ‘normal’.