Trend alert for custom metric

Greetings! I’m new with Extrahop and I’ve been trying to find a way to set up a trend alert for a custom metric with no luck. It’s a bit confusing what to put on the “Metric” field value of the alert definition.

I’ve tried to put the following as the metric value:


The custom metric name is “Custom - All Requests” from a Custom Application. The metric data is generated just fine on the dashboard and contains enough variation to be able to trigger a trend alert.

So far I’ve been unable to generate the trend alert even when setting it with what I think will definitely trigger the alert. E.g.

Firing Mode: Level-triggered every 5 mins
Alert when: mean over 30s < 100 percent of trend
Trend Settings: Minute Roll Avg of 15mins with the default Mean weighting.

Appreciate any advice if I’m missing something here.

@obudiman, how was the custom application created? Just a guess, but instead of Requests try req, so the metric would be extrahop.application.custom:custom_count?req

It is created from a custom trigger, snippets below:

app.metricAddCount('all_requests', 1);

I did get the alert after changing it to extrahop.application.custom:custom_count?req, but when I checked the alert tab it only mentioned the alert name but there’s no detail of the breach, e.g. how far from the normal trend it is deviating or what’s the current value. Is this normal? Or we would only get the detail if we send the alert as an email notification?

We’re on 7.11 firmware.