The Proof Is in the Platform | ExtraHop


A 740% three-year ROI? A nearly 80% reduction in the staff time spent troubleshooting? A 95% reduction in average time to detect threats? Folks, those are Steph Curry-level statistics right there. Turns out, we're a pretty great performance enhancer for the elite enterprise.

For the past several months, IDC, one of the leading market intelligence corporations in the world, has been gathering huge amounts of insight into ExtraHop's real-world business value and we're thrilled to share their findings with you. After surveying a variety of our enterprise customers, IDC has compiled all that research into a deep dive report that will be published later this summer.

In the meantime, check out the Snapshot infographic and pre-register for the full report today and we'll make sure a copy is automatically sent to your inbox when it's ready!

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