Telnet Testing to other Devices

Good Afternoon,

Do you know if It´s possible make tests with TELNET command by console in EDA or EXA appliances? to test connections through several open ports to other devices within the network.

Is it possible or we can do it in another way, for example with a custom support pack?



No, this is not possible without a custom support pack. Which connections do you want to test?

Hello @webslinger,

Actually, I want to test connections since EDAs appliances to SIEM, SMTP or NAC servers, Do you know how can I obtain this custom support pack to make these tests?



Perhaps you are referring to Open Data Streams?

There is a test capability for the supported streams (e.g., HTTP, syslog, raw TCP, etc.)

Hello @webslinger,

Actually, I´m referring to make open ports tests since ECA or EDA appliances by TELNET command to SMTP servers more specifically, to see if the appliances have the port connection suceessfully, We can do it with Open Data Streams or we need a custom support pack?

If we need a custom support pack, Do you know how can I obtain it?



If I am reading this correctly, you would like to use telnet from an EDA/ECA command line to determine if the remote system is accessible from the the EDA.

There is not a facility to do this exact thing, and trying to generate the diagnostic packs needed to test the multiples of ports and IPs would be difficult.

@webslinger 's suggestion of using the test option on the Admin’s ODS page is going to the best way to produce the results you want to get from the telnet command.

Navigate to the Admin › Open Data Streams page and Choose “Add Target”.
In the popup panel set the Target Type to “Raw”. Then configure the host and port, set the Protocol to “TCP”, then choose the “Test” button.

Here are a couple examples:
Testing connectivity to port 80 (Success)
Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.10.52 PM

Testing connectivity to port 5 (Fail)
Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 2.12.13 PM