Stable Firmware version information

For almost 5 years I’ve been dealing with ExtraHop, and all those years I found that ExtraHop really helps,

And it’s well known that ExtraHop periodically release firmware upgrade. But what I’ve encountered during those years was: it’s kind a difficult to choose in which firmware version should I choose if I want to upgrade to newer version at the time those versions released.
The difficulty was that there was no information regarding what firmware version is the most stable at the time.
Like for example, when firmware version 8.0 was introduced it has lots of bugs with the UI, the most stable firmware at that time was the 8.0.4 (CMIIW).

Later when I did an upgrade from 8.3.4 to 8.6.3, it has error in it something wrong with its Memory Allocation and the impact was severe, historical data and detection was gone.
since all the appliances could not be use during the troubleshooting time. and it cost us greatly in terms of SLA.
When It finally fixed but it took around 1 months (+/-) in order for ExtraHop support to do troubleshooting.

It would be nice if ExtraHop has a feature/mechanism so I can find out, which version of the firmware is the most stable then the other especially for major version that has been released at the time.
So in production environment, we don’t have to worry if we upgrade to those ‘stable’ version, it will not create another error or a new error.
if there is a feature/mechanism for this, I think all parties will get the benefit from it.

Cheers :wink:

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Hi @marcosmw. We strive to make all our GA firmware stable. Of course, as with any complex software system, bugs will inevitably escape our rigorous QA process. If feasible, you might consider deploying a virtual EDA sensor as a staging system so that you can trial new firmware updates in your environment before upgrading your production systems. Also, a common practice for Windows, MacOS, and iOS is to wait for the first minor release following a major one. While not official ExtraHop guidance, you might consider a similar practice.