Single Mode Fiber Connection


Does the EH8000 support or is capable of supporting Single Mode Fiber Connection ?


Hi, @moroo.

The EH8000’s SFP+ capture NIC has been qualified with

  • 10G SR optics and multi-mode fiber (factory config)
  • 1G SX optics and multi-mode fiber
  • twinax

No single mode fiber options were qualified.


An update here.

ExtraHop has now qualified EDA 6000, EDA 8000, EDA 6100, EDA 8100, EDA 9100, and EXA 5100 configurations having 10G LR optics and single-mode fiber.

While there’s no current plan to add LR optics to our price list, configurations based on customer-supplied LR can expect to be supported.


Thank you Shaun!