SharePoint Cross-tier Correlation



####Bundle details and download

Troubleshooting and tuning Sharepoint deployments is often challenging, because transactions for this popular off-the-shelf collaboration software span multiple tiers. Moreover, a single web request may generate multiple database requests, further complicating the problem of pinpointing the source of latency. By observing this GUID this bundle is able to “recognize-and-trace” each transaction allowing you to calculate latency and attribute it to either the web or the database tier.


I had to make TWO changes to make it work.

  1. .toLowerCase()” function was not working in the HTTP trigger.
    line 18 and 35.
    I removed toLowerCase and make it like this
    " if (HTTP.headers[i].name == ‘SPRequestGuid’ || HTTP.headers[i].name.toLowerCase() == ‘request-id’) {"
    " if (HTTP.headers[i].name == ‘SPRequestGuid’) {

  2. The same in DB Request Trigger. (~Line 18)

    if ( DB.params[a].name == ‘@RequestGuid’) {