Sending ExtraHop appliance performance information to Splunk

Hello, a customer would like to send EDA performance information to Splunk. Specifically, they would like to send CPU use, memory use, and other relevant performance data to Splunk.
Furthermore, they would like to know which metric can we send to Splunk to demonstrate throughput ingested by the appliance.
Do we have the capability to send such data to Splunk?
Thank you in advance.

The ExtraHop Splunk App uses our REST API to pull metrics. You should be able to accomplish most of what you describe by modifying it to retrieve the relevant system health metrics.

Hi, do we have metrics for EDA CPU and memory utilization?
Thank you

There is no single composite metric for memory, but you can look at several metrics for heap utilization and trigger cycles.

Thank you. I heap utilization and trigger cycle metrics could be useful indicators. I will recommend the use case tot the customer.