Retrieve triggered alerts using API

Hi All,

I am trying the following ExtraHop REST API to retrieve Alerts


Every time I call this API it gives me all the Alerts configurations and not the actual alerts that are triggered on devices. I was expecting to get back the informations about the alerts such as when was the alert triggered, alert name, alert category, alert type, alert severity and the device name/id on which the alert was triggered, in the same fashion we see it in EDA GUI on the alerts page.

Have configured the EDA appliance to forward alerts to external system using ODS and it does forward the alerts information I need. But I need to retrieve alerts information using the API.

Please let me know what is the correct api to retrieve the alerts informations such as timestamp, alert_category, alert_severiy, alert_name, device name/id on which the alert was triggered.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately there is no REST API endpoint to retrieve alert history today. We have it as an open feature request though so can add customer name and scenario to the ticket if you’d like.

Could you please say more about why the ODS solution isn’t sufficient?

Hi zackg

Thanks for your response.
The ODS solution is wonderful and does the job but we need to integrate the alarms using the API’s.
How long you think it will be to have the alarms info accessible using API?
Thanks! :smiley:

Why do you need to integrate the alarms using the APIs though? Could you talk about where that need’s coming from?

Unfortunately, if a feature’s not already in our committed roadmap, we can’t provide a delivery date.