Report on timed out methods


HTTP requests have a timeout of 60 seconds and when request is made, it in turn from the application server fires a database procedures to the Database server, when the request crosses 60 seconds) the call is timedout. The processing time of timed out procedure is not getting captured for the SQL Procedure on the Application Server - DB client metrics.

When we look at the same procedure on Database server - DB Server - methods we see only a aggregation of processing time for the good ones (without the ones timed out or those with 59 seconds) as well.

Here is an simple example
App Server A : HTTP Server : home.aspx >>> processing time 60 seconds
App Server A : DB Client : login_prc : processing time 58 seconds
DB Server B : DB Server: login_prc : processing time mean 9 seconds

How do we get the latency trigger created to capture the processing time of the ones being timed out to understand the processing time of the SQL Procedure that are completed successfully and those that are getting timed out.