Real User Monitoring with ExtraHop -- Getting Started



Getting started with RUM on ExtraHop

This post will cover the basics of getting started with deploying Real User Monitoring, using Boomerang.js and ExtraHop; and will link to other posts for specific deployment scenarios as they come online.

The What

First and foremost, you should head on over to the Solution Bundles Page for Real User Monitoring, read up on what RUM on ExtraHop has to offer, and download the bundle.

In addition to the Real User Monitoring bundle, you will need a copy of Boomerang itself. Boomerang is available via github, and I would recommend you read all the developer’s documentation before continuing.

The How

Here are the deployment scenarios that I will cover:

The last one will need a bit of explaining. When I say non-invasive developer testing, what I am referring to is injecting the rum javascript locally in your browser. This allows you to get detailed information that only RUM provides, for any website you visit. It is incredibly powerful, and because it is considered an advanced topic, it will be the last one I cover.

Cheers and good luck!

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