Office365 Monitoring


###Bundle details and download

With some great help from our local Boston ExtraHop team I put this together for my client and thought some others might find it useful. This is my first foray into creating pages and triggers so make sure you review carefully before you decide to use this. My client has a probe on the internet which we monitor Office365 Traffic. This solution:

  • Creates an application called Office-365
  • Under this application click on Office365 for an overview of different products


Hi thank you. Do you have any updates?

When I go to add metrics from the application to a dashboard the metrics seem generic, I don’t know what they are for, is it possible to name them better or provide a legend?


Yes, you can rename them using the Metric Catalog. Go to Settings->Metric Catalog and find the custom metric and rename it. You can also add a description. You can also look at the Office365 trigger definition to see how the metrics are created under Settings->Trigger.

I’ll work on updating the bundle to have better names.


####Update to Bundle:
You can find an updated version of this bundle at