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If there's one thing we've heard at trade shows, during POCs, and on social media it has been this: There needs to be a better way for Networking and IT Operations teams to address problems within their environment. This isn't because these roles are not capable, or haven't advanced their understanding and use of technology, but rather because the traditional models have failed to keep up with their environments and needs.

With the latest release from ExtraHop we're cutting hours off of your most common workflows and making it easier for you to focus on those strategic activities that often get pushed off when problems occur.

Check out the infographic to see just how much has changed, and contact us to find out how ExtraHop can help you be more efficient and achieve more.

To learn more about the new workflow right away, get our overview whitepaper: Extrahop Platform Overview: Gain Control of IT by Rethinking the Network

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