Missing Record Errors


When looking at errors on our dashboard, for example “HTTP Errors”…
It will give us a list of IP addresses and “Errors” and “Responses”

From here, we have the option to click on the magnifying glass, which takes us to records… but this is where it comes up blank.

It shows that we have records… and not sure if this is the issue, but the only record type available is “FLOW”.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @baldchicken,

It sounds like you have enabled automatic flow records to be sent from the EDA, but transaction records have not yet been enabled. As of today, these transaction records are sent from the EDA to the EXA using a Trigger. I would recommend reaching out to the SE for your account to assist getting these transaction records flowing.


That is what I though, which is why I mentioned that I only see flow records. I am awaiting a response from my EH rep (been 48 hours).

Appreciate the confirmation.