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Meet Lisa, Director of Field Sales Enablement for ExtraHop. We caught up with Lisa to talk about mirth, merriment, and being master of the ExtraHop Sales Kickoff circus!

Q & A with Lisa

Q: What brought you to ExtraHop? A: The opportunity to work with fun, smart people and the fact that Eric Scollard is a fantastic sales person.

Q: Windows, Mac, or Linux? A: Mac.

Q: Kirk, Picard, or Janeway? A: Janeway.

Q: Star Wars or Star Trek? A: Star Trek

Q: What keeps you at ExtraHop? A: The authentic, fun people

Q: Marvel or DC? A: DC! I love Batman.

Q: Bond or Bourne? A: Bond. Specifically, Daniel Craig Bond.

Q: What's the coolest thing you've done as an ExtraHopper? A: Putting on the semi-annual Sales KickOff. It's like being ringmaster at the circus.

Q: Gadget you couldn't live without? A: Nespresso Coffee Maker (that's not really true)

Q: First computer you ever owned? A: Leading Edge Model D

Q: First mobile phone? A: Nokia

Q: Skiing or snowboarding? A: Neither. I prefer the lodge and the fire.

Q: Best gadget ever made? A: iPad

Q: Sci-Fi or Fantasy? A: Sci-Fi

Q: What do you want to be known for? A: Being fun to be around.

Q: Cats or dogs? A: Dogs.

Q: Numbers or letters? A: Letters.

Q: Spicy or mild? A: Spicy.

Q: Seahawks or Sounders? A: Seattle Reign!

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