Like to trouble shoot static on phone calls


Extrahop is amazing software! Everyone that works here is super helpful.

I’m glad to be able to work with you


We have this expensive software and don’t know how to use it. It would be nice if ExtraHop had people on these forums pointing people in the right direction. There isn’t very much community


Hi @anthonyghazi If you’d like to contact our Support team they could help you drill-down or address specific metric spikes:

We also have ExtraHop online training available at with more training available in the Customer Portal. Our product documentation is a good source for information to get you started with ExtraHop too:


We have a SIP VOIP bundle that will expose RTP drops, jitter, and MOS scores along with other various call metrics in 2 dashboards. You can download the bundle here:

To troubleshoot RTP jitter or drops you will need to look at the overall RTP traffic and find which IPs are sending/receiving the most drops/jitter . This is necessary to see if all calls are experiencing call quality issues or only specific ones tied to a certain trunk or application. Once you have identified these servers you should check to make sure RTP traffic is being marked correctly. The ‘Network - Bytes Out’ by DSCP value will show you the packet marking being used by these servers.

Next, assuming traffic is marked correctly, a hop by hop analysis between sender and receiver IPs would need to be done to see where the bottleneck is.


Also check to see if there is any sizeable traffic spikes across the network during that period of time. Congestion can cause packet drops and excessive latency


Is this something you can walk me though one time?



If you would like assistance with any of the above please contact your assigned systems or solutions engineer.