La Trobe University Improves App Performance & Security | ExtraHop


Higher education institutions are becoming more and more dependent on their networks and infrastructures to be able to deliver the best educational experiences possible. But supporting modern campuses is becoming more complex each day and schools are increasingly reliant on their IT teams to meet ever-evolving needs.

Check out this video of Rasika Nayanajith, Network Team Leader at La Trobe University, talking about how he and his team use ExtraHop to optimize and secure their network, as well as to ensure performance of their cloud-hosted applications so students and faculty at this top Australian university have uninterrupted access to the resources they depend upon.

"With ExtraHop, with the visibility it gives, you can protect your network much better... We realized this is a very powerful and productive tool."

Rasika holds several Cisco certifications and shares his thoughts on his own personal blog.

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