Is there an ECM Dashboard to manage Multiple Nodes

Is there a dashboard, widget, or plugin available that can assist with a large deployment of EH Nodes?
If there are 20 + Nodes in my environment, I need a dashboard that will alert me if one of the nodes starts to have performance issues, drops offline, or as in a couple of cases, require a restart of the ExPortal! Does such a thing exist?

If not, does anyone see a way to develop a dashboard within the ECM GUI to monitor the attached Nodes?
Thanks in advance!

Newer versions of the EH software include metrics for the EH system itself. These can be easily added to a dashboard.

@clint Is on point that these things are available in current ExtraHop versions. You can access the data directly via a dashboard. Most of the performance data about a particular EH node is also available via the REST API as of v5.0. Definitely worth checking out. REST API Guide