Is there a way to compare application/device performance over different timeframe?


Hello there,

We get a lot of queries where in we need to provide metric comparison over multiple time windows to check before/after performance of the device/application. Right now, we need to select in two tabs or export each time frame report and manually compare.

Please guide me if there is a way where queries like one mentioned below is answered on a single page/report showing side-by-side comparison.

We need to compare the page performance after the deployment is done. Can you pull reports from extrahop comparing page performance pre and post deployment?



This is really easy to do on dashboards. Set up a region and widget with the metric you’re interested in. On the region’s time window dropdown menu, click the ‘Compare’ button.

This will pop open an additional panel to set the other time window you’re interested. In my example, I’m comparing the last day’s data with a day from a week ago.