Is there a way to audit which dashboards are being used?

As part of curating dashboards I want to see which dashboards are not being touched by users so I can determine if they are no longer relevant and should be deleted. Is there a way to audit this usage?

Yes, this can be done by placing a “tracking pixel” on the dashboards that you want to track.

A tracking pixel is a tiny image embedded in a webpage or email. By tracking download requests for that image you can track page views.

If you use Google Analytics you can construct tracking pixel URLs that will feed directly into your Google Analytics account. Here is a guide on that.

Once you have your tracking pixel URL you can insert it into a dashboard by placing it inside a text widget on that dashboard. Use markdown for linking to the tracking pixel. Here’s an example markdown link:


Once that’s in place you should see the page views in your analytics report.

To track multiple dashboards in GA, be sure that the tracking link parameters are adjusted for each dashboard.

@mikelly that’s an interesting workaround, but what if you don’t have Google analytics? Has in-product tracking been considered? It would be helpful for maintenance if each dashboard had some kind of usage metadata associated with it natively in the product, like a hit counter or even better, a hit trend.

fwiw, if the customer has their EH mgmt interface(s) in the data feed, and they use a custom certificate, they could have full analytics of which dashboards are being accessed like any other application.

@thevinchi good point. I have seen some pretty creative dashboards created for that. If your ExtraHop is in your data feed, that’s another great way to accomplish this.


You can place the images on a monitored web server and track the dashboard views directly in ExtraHop: