Initial Setup


this is my first time with ExtraHop im trying to initial setup for the first time and i cant find the right way to do that,

also i need to know the default username and password , and if there any way to reset it

Hi, @anas.haytham. Welcome!

It sounds like you might have gotten partially through an initial appliance deployment, but wherever you are, this docs page has a document describing how to get each of our appliance models installed and on your network.

Once you can browse to the appliance UI, the default password scheme varies a little across deployment models. Check the appropriate deployment guide for your appliance for its default password. (Once you’re viewing a deployment guide, search “password” in your browser.)

From there, take a look at the Discover and Command Post-deployment Checklist for some next steps.

@anas.haytham, Once you get deployed, head to the online training on the customer portal Navigate to the store to register for courses (they are almost all free). I would recommend the basic user certification learning path. Even if your opt out of the certification test, it provides a good progression through the training content. Also, almost all new customers can get 100% off the cert course by contacting the customer success team at Here is a link to additional instructions.